1937 - ∞
Founder Of Demirören Holding

“My dear colleagues and business partners...

We’re celebrating that we left 60 years behind in business life. Our passion to serve our country and our enthusiasm for a better future is still as strong and alive as it was in our early days. Therefore, as we’re celebrating our anniversary, I would like to look back and reflect on our past. My desire to delve into the past period is not because of my longing for a young company that has overcome many challenges and obstacles while it flourished. I would like to reflect on our past because I believe that a successful future can only be built by those who have a comprehensive understanding of their past.

In 1972, it required a great deal of courage and responsibility to break into the market and buy the first company that distributed liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). This move also meant making a big investment on infrastructure, buildings and machinery. No other group except Demirören could dare to make such an assertive investment. We did, because we believed that the reputation of serving our country would be more important and rewarding than anything else.

After looking back, I am proud to mention that we have accomplished our goals. Today, as Demirören Group competes in many areas from energy to industrial production, from media to real estate and construction, I know for a fact that it has an unrivaled reputation. We have powerful and widespread programs for social matters and educational services. We take great pride and joy in our accomplishments. When we think about the many storms we had to struggle and challenges we had to overcome to be here today. Having accomplished our stated goals while we are going ahead, now it is time to start planning enhance our feelings, our future. Companies like Demirören should be considered as the most important assets of Turkey in a globalized world. We are fully integrated into global markets, and we compete in these markets with our high level technological infrastructure. We invest in our human resources constantly, and we apply standards to achieve the highest level of product quality. Our vision and more than 60 years of experience show Demirören Group’s importance and strategic position in Turkish economy.

In the new millennium, Demirören Group will continue to be one of the groundbreaking companies in Turkey. As always, we will never stop working to bring our country and its public to the level of global powers. This will always be and always will be our most valuable goal and promise...”